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Track 4 - ICS Track
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Kickoff (Main Ballroom)
Opening Keynote – Rob Lee (Main Ballroom)
Defending Critical Infrastruture: Know Thy Enemy (Paul Brager)
Threat Modeling
for IoT Systems (Dan Cornell)
"I" Before "R" Except After "IOC" (Andrew Hay)
Detecting Counterfeit ICS/IoT Software (Dr. Jonathan Butts)
"Not If But When"--Leveraging AI to Jettison the Mantras of the Past (John McClurg)
Sufficient Web Application Security Monitoring (Skyler Berg)
What Infosec in Oil & Gas can Teach us About Infosec in Healthcare (Damon J. Small)
Leveraging ICS attacks for economic warfare (Galina Antova)
Lunch Panel - A Matter of Economic Security: Allies & Leadership in Energy and Tech
(Main Ballroom)
Lunch Panel Sponsored by Splunk
What IF? A Little Experiment on Lighting the Motivational Fire Under my App Sec Team's … (Jennifer Edmondson)
If I Only Had a Brain (Marcus J. Carey)
Protecting AWS, a modular approach to Cloud Security (Erick Sanz)
Stateful ICS analysis (Dan Gunter)
Collaborating with Hackers and Researchers with a Bug Bounty Program (Joe Basirico)
Getting off the Security Alert Mouse Wheel - Applying Zero-Trust to Security Analytics (Jordan Mauriello)
Weathering the Cloud (Pierluigi Stella)
Square pegs and round holes: forcing IT on OT methods is not a good fit (Dr. Wm. Arthur Conklin)
Update Your Security for the Cloud, Container and DevOps Revolution (Hari prasanna Srinivasan)
When "IT" hits the fan, stick to the plan (Levone Campbell)
Security Compliance Baseline Hacks for the Microsoft Enterprise (Duncan McAlynn)
Situational Awareness in ICS (Clint Bodungen and W. Stuart Bailey)
Hacker Management: Tips for exploiting the next phase (James Dietle)
Fiery-Snap: Building a Scalable Data Extraction Framework to get Actionable Information (Adam Pridgen)
SAST in the SDLC: Building a plan for "going left" (Zachary Jones)
Cybersecurity Programs Deployment in Industrial Control Environments (Ernie Morris)
Closing Keynote  - Jayson Street (Discovery Center)
Closing Ceremonies /
GIVEAWAYS!! (Discovery Center)
6:30p +
Happy Hour by ExtraHop Networks