|Pierluigi Stella, CTO

After 15 years at IBM, Pierluigi Stella co-founded Network Box USA, Inc., in 2003. As CTO, he has vast knowledge of security issues in many sectors including financial, healthcare, education, energy, and SMB, to name but a few. In 2008, he contributed to the European Networks & Information Security Agency (ENISA)’s Cloud Computing Risk Assessment” project. Stella has presented at numerous summits and conferences, and has been both featured as well as quoted in a number of publications, both print and online.
The cloud is no longer something for the future. It is a present reality that is here to stay and, if anything, it will only evolve, improve and become ubiquitous. Escaping the cloud is truly not an option, and the ones who still try, risk ending up like those in the early 90s who attempted to hold onto mainframes. Fighting back against workstations, client/server architectures and IT even as these elements evolved it was an exercise in futility resulting in them all losing their jobs. However, like with every innovation, new challenges arise. We intend to analyze the security implications of moving to the cloud, and show how, in reality, there isn’t much difference between protecting a LAN and protecting your data in the cloud. So long as you’re aware of who’s responsible for which part of that data security.
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