|Levone Campbell, Cyber Security Lead

Levone Campbell is the Cyber Security Lead/ Incident Coordinator for his organization. Levone has a long career in Information Technology with a majority of his focus has been in Information Security. Over the past twelve years, he has built his expertise in Cyber Security Operations, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Cyber Crime Espionage. Levone holds two Bachelor degrees in Management and Marketing from North Carolina A&T State University, a Masters in Business Administration from Walden University, and a Masters in Technology Management from Georgetown University. He also holds numerous certifications. Levone resides in Houston, TX with his wife of 11 years Lindsay and their two children.
When “IT” hits the fan, stick to the plan
Incident Response is a critical process for any organization. The effectiveness of the incident response plan can determine whether or not an organization can sustain and recover from a cyber attack. With the steady rise in cybercrime, petroleum companies have to make sure they have a sound incident response plan in place to address every type of cyber attack. Data breaches of organizations seem to be in the news every day now, therefore it is paramount that an organization have a concrete incident response plan in place. As with any process within the organization, the incident response plan needs continuous testing and review to ensure it remains effective for the organization. Petroleum companies must be able to detect the attack early because the time between detection and recovery could result in the loss of millions of dollars in revenue. This talk will specifically highlight three critical areas within the incident response plan where most companies fail. This talk will identify the common pitfalls and shortcomings, and also offer suggestions on how to improve in those areas. These three areas include: – Identification – Eradication – Lessons learned This talk will also provide techniques organizations can use to efficiently test and evaluate their Incident Response Plan. As the Incident Coordinator for a major Oil and Gas company here in the Houston area, I will provide real-world advice of what it takes to survive a massive cyber attack by precisely following the Incident Response Plan. As stated previously, time is of the essence when a breach occurs for a petroleum company, what is also what is just as important is how well organization follows the incident response plan.
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