|Jordan Mauriello

Jordan Mauriello is a visionary leader with a focus on leadership and the engagement of highly technical personnel in the workplace. With a diverse background ranging from penetration testing and malware reverse engineering to physical security, executive protection and training, Jordan possesses a unique understanding of the impact of information security. His deep technical expertise includes security event monitoring and correlation; content and rule development for SIEM tools, vulnerability research; and penetration testing. Passionate about doing what’s right for the customer, Jordan leverages decades of leadership experience to train, coach and motivate security operations and analysis teams.
Getting off the Security Alert Mouse Wheel… Applying Zero-Trust to Security Analytics
For Security Analysts and IT Security Personnel as a whole, much of our detection and response capabilities is driven by what we actually have time to do analysis for; not what we actually have visibility in to. We spend inordinate amounts of time analyzing false positives and low fidelity alerts, we prioritize alerts based on arbitrary criticality and priority without understanding the actual impact to our business. Let’s face it, the model we use for Security Analytics for Alert Triage and Investigation doesn’t work at scale. And simply doing things faster doesn’t seem to be the answer either. Maybe it’s time we challenge the paradigm and discuss a new Security Analytics Model. Join us for a discussion around applying a Zero-Trust Model to your Security Analytics Engine to reduce false positives and allow security teams to focus on events that actually matter for their enterprise.
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