|Dr. Jonathan Butts

Dr. Jonathan Butts is the founder of QED Secure Solutions and is the Committee Chair for the IFIP Working Group on Critical Infrastructure Protection. He is a retired Air Force officer and served as research director for the Air Force Center for Cyberspace Research at the Air Force Institute of Technology. He has served as technical director for cyber security efforts supporting Presidential-directed projects and has presented at prestigious security conferences around the world. Jonathan is a respected published author on various topics including critical infrastructure protection, malware analysis, protocol verification and operationalizing military actions in cyberspace. Jonathan has performed research and worked extensively with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Secret Service.
Detecting Counterfeit ICS/IoT Software
ICS and IoT asset owners depend on their vendors to supply valid software and firmware for system implementation and upgrades. If this chain of trust is compromised, then malicious software can be introduced that alters core system functionality, potentially impacting critical operations and human safety. Unfortunately, there are few safeguards available today to protect devices from the introduction of counterfeit firmware/software. This talk reports on a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded research project to investigate the viability of using trust anchor technologies for onsite validation of ICS upgrade packages.
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