|James Dietle, Director of Cyber Insider Threat

James Dietle is a computer enthusiast who started slinging CAT5, coax and silver satin in exchange for ice cream at the age of eight. With over 13 years of management experience, he has led both technical teams and operational departments in diverse and challenging environments across the world. While holding numerous degrees and certifications (CISSP, CISM, GREM, etc), he feels his best education continues to come through keyboard mashing, blue smoke from failed home experiments, and late night discussions with both veterans and information security professionals. He is located in Houston,TX where his wife tolerates the computer components spread across the room and his daughter uses his computers as chew toys.
Hacker Management: Tips for exploiting the next phase
We all love to code, dig deep into problems, and emerge from a meeting being the smartest one in the room. However, how does that change when This talk will discuss taking on leadership roles and how can you maintain your unique technical edge. While I will work on a more robust outline I will be covering. 1. Executive communication- 10Ks are better than Stocks to drive a point home, less words is more, and 2. Understanding the political atmosphere and your influence on Executives, Boss, Peers, direct reports, and clients 3. Technical projects allows networking with impact 4. Measuring success for a team vs individual. Where everyone is a leader.
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