|Hari prasanna Srinivasan

Hari Srinivasan is director of product management for Qualys’ Cloud and Virtualization security. He has expertise in numerous enterprise software disciplines including cloud security and automation, systems management, data center transformation, Hybrid Cloud, PaaS – DBaaS, compliance and configuration management. He previously worked at Oracle both as an engineer and spent over a decade in multiple areas in product management positions.
Update Your Security for the Cloud, Container and DevOps Revolution
Cloud adoption is accelerating and Containers are probably the most talked-about infrastructure technology of the past few years. With the rapid growth, they are transforming the DevOps process by increasing agility and delivery speed.
For IT security teams, this revolution brings unique challenges related to its distributed nature, scale and sprawl, and also the opportunity to update security with the speed, agility and automation of modern practices and platforms. Containers undoubtedly help speed software delivery, but also pose new risks. Without the necessary deployment hygiene and proper governance, containers can introduce unique threats such as un-validated external software, non-standard configurations, and a completely undetected network communication between containers. DevSecOps represents an opportunity for security teams to reach new goals by re-tooling for adaptive security that integrates with all aspects of the developer’s build cycle. This talk addresses how to think like a developer to avoid false starts implementing DevSecOps for cloud and container security. Using best practices and customer examples, the session outlines how to incorporate security into the DevOps cycle and harden environments before being operational. Also, adopt necessary techniques for continuous protection required for managing the extremely elastic runtime environment. Attendees will gain an understanding of the requirements to integrate Infosec and Devops by employing DevSecOps. The session will also share concrete steps for using DevSecOps to enable discovery, detect, protect & remediate vulnerabilities and threats across the scale and sprawl of cloud instances and containers.

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