|Clint Bodungen and W. Stuart Bailey

Clint – As an active part of the industrial control systems (ICS) Cybersecurity community for the past 15 years and the lead author of, Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems, Clint is regarded as one of the industry’s leading experts in ICS cybersecurity. He has more than 20 years of overall professional experience in INFOSEC, specializing primarily in penetration testing, risk analysis, and ICS cybersecurity research & development. Clint is a United States Air Force veteran and throughout his career he has worked for several other notable organizations such as Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Most of his clientele has consisted of many of the world’s largest energy organizations in the Oil & Gas and Electric Utility industries. Clint spends what spare time he doesnÕt have using his video game development aspirations to create 3D/VR Industrial Cyber Ranges and dabbles in film production with his farcical documentary series on ICS cyber security topics. He is also one of the instructors for this year’s HouSecCon class, ICS Cyber Security Red Team/Blue Team Bootcamp. +++ Stuart Bailey is an IT Security professional with over 17 years of experience in both corporate and industrial control systems networks. Stuart started his career working in health care. This included working for a large clinic system and Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center where he held various positions on the networking, server and security teams. Stuart then moved on to the oil and gas sector and found his passion for industrial control systems security Currently, he is on the security team for large independent upstream oil and gas company focusing on operational security. Stuart’s extensive experience includes designing and conducting onsite security assessments for oil and gas exploration and production facilities both onshore and offshore, designing control systems incident response plans, establishing ICS policies and procedures, establishing security awareness training, consulting on new ICS projects and evaluating and deploying new ICS software and hardware. In the past, he has worked for a major electrical utility and an ICS security hardware vendor.
Situational Awareness in ICS
Situational awareness, anomaly detection, passive asset identification… and of course we can’t forget MACHINE LEARNING. The ICS cyber security market is swirling with these recent hot buzzwords. More than 20 startups have emerged in the ICS market in response to offer products that attempt to meet this demand. But what does anomaly detection and machine learning actually mean in the context of ICS threat monitoring? Seriously. Can this be explained or is it yet again clever marketing? Is machine learning really being used? If so, how can anomaly detection and machine learning enhance ICS threat monitoring? Is it really needed? What strategies, tools, and techniques can really help you with your ICS environment situational awareness and threat monitoring? In this presentation, Clint Bodungen will explore how anomaly detection and machine learning works (in his usual “snarky” yet still educational style), and how they can be deployed for effective ICS situational awareness. The audience will also be introduced to several open source tools available that will help them learn more about passive asset identification, anomaly detection, and threat monitoring, and potentially even deploy their own DIY situational awareness solution.
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