|Adam Pridgen, Research Analyst and Engineer

Adam Pridgen is an information security researcher at Cisco Umbrella. In general, he writes code to solve common security challenge, and he performs analysis and threat hunting. Adam has been a graduate student working on memory analysis challenges, an information security consultant finding vulnerabilities and pen-testing, and a malware analyst reverse engineering malware.
Fiery-Snap: Building a Scalable Data Extraction Framework to get Actionable Information
Threat intelligence is hard and threat hunting is also hard. These days we have vendors pitching threat intelligence feeds and selling us information that is mostly open source. Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to build your own feed? Have you ever wondered what decisions are needed to take a Tweet and turn it into something useful? In this talk, the audience will get an overview of how to build their own threat intelligence feeds, and learn from the deluge of open source information bombarding us on a daily basis. The talk will showcase how Twitter can be mined, extracted, and used for daily activities. The discussion will talk about how to design and architect Docker+Python applications and create a production application that can be used in a typical IT environment. Most importantly, the software used for this case study will be released for anyone to use.
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